Kid’s Engineering Day

On April 5th we got to volunteer at Kid’s Engineering Day alongside other WSU Engineering and Science clubs. At our booth, we helped kids between the ages of 5 years and 12 years make LED flashlights using two AA batteries, an LED, a paper clip, and tape! By doing this, we were able to teach kids the basics about circuitry and in total reached out to about 75 kids. They also got to check out our sub and see themselves through some of the sub’s image recognition filters!

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Pool Test 3/8/14!

RoboSub had a very successful pool test today! We got movement down with very quick response times, and have the sub maneuverable with a PS3 controller. Having it maneuverable with the PS3 controller will be important when we have our demo day in April so those who come to the demo can try out driving our sub! We also were able to maintain a constant depth today using our depth sensor. We were able to accomplish everything we set out to accomplish at today’s pool test! What a great day!

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